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The Mission simple:


Create musical experiences that exploit people's emotions by tapping into their subconscious.

Wow. Amazing. So, what do you mean by that?

Thanks for asking.

Though music is art and a form of expression, there are also scientific elements to the creative process. There are rules and musical tools that we composers and producers use to tap into people's desires and emotions.

Rules? But, I thought rules were meant to be broken, especially with music?

Yes, rules are meant to be broken in music and this has been proven continuously from Bach through to Kanye. Artists like these continue to push boundaries in composition and production and this is where you will find the freshest and most engaging music.

Ok cool so, what can you do for me?


I can create music for you, in line with The Mission.

If you need professionally produced, ear grabbing music for your podcast, TV or film project,

or you need someone highly skilled to write and produce your band/singer/rap project, please email or use contact box below so we can chat.

- Xentric

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